Human Rights

The Education Law Unit can help anyone who feels that their human rights have been breached at school.

European Convention on Human Rights

Articles in this convention that may apply in school include:

The right to education (Protocol 1, article 2); – being told that you can’t attend school for any reason may be a breach of this right.

The right not to be subject to inhuman and degrading treatment (Article 3); if someone treats you in a way that makes you feel humiliated this right may have been breached.

Freedom of conscience, thought and religion (Article 9); Perhaps if you are told you can’t wear a particular item that is an expression of your religion or if your cafeteria only serves food that you can’t eat because of your religious beliefs then this right has been breached.

The right to freedom of expression (Article 10); if you feel you are penalised for refusing to take part in something because of your beliefs, it is possible that this right has been breached.

If you feel that any of your rights have been breached, please get in touch and we can help you receive the equal, fair treatment you deserve.

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